Fiji is an island country in the South Pacific Ocean. It is known as the white sandy beaches and postcard perfect islands with all year round tropical weather. Fiji has a significant amount of soft coral reefs and scuba diving is a common tourist activity. A honeymoon also very popular as is romantic getaways. Come […]

Lyon, France

Girls dream to be France<3 FOURVIERE is a district of Lyon, France. It’s well-known as the Catholic Basilica of Fourvière. A golden statue of Virgin Mary sit in front of the entrance. Basilica of Fourvière is in the hill so you would be able to enjoy the whole-view of Lyon city 😉 There’s many religious […]


Everyone dreams to be there!! Tahiti located in southern Pacific Ocean. Is well-known as the clear ocean and the relax moment to be there. Many couples go there for their honeymoon though expensive on everything in this island, everything is worth if u can stay there for couple days… Endless of swimming and sun shower […]