Twelve Apostles, Princetown, Vic

The twelve Apostles are just awaiting guys on Great Ocean Road in Princetown, Victoria. They’re actually just eight remaining at the moment. They are definitely a gift from the God, actually they’re a collection of limestone stack off the shore of Port Campbell National Park by Great Ocean Rd. They were formed by the erosion […]

Kings park Perth

I know I’ve talked about kings park before, we’ll I’m gonna off the topic. Happy mid-autumn festival to all the Chinese who are not in their hometown. Though we are not staying right next to the family, we own the same full moon under the sky, like our family do 🙂 @Kings Park, Perth

Esperance, WA

I know I’ve been talking too many beaches… But Sun and beaches are really good places for people to go. Family, couple, individual, a group… Happy, blue, lonely, boring… No matter what, sun and beaches are always welcoming people!! Esperance is about 700km far from Perth. Stepping on White and soft sand, listening to the […]

Australia animals

In my city there’s more people aware of animals right, in this aspect Australia did really a good job. Wild life animals are everywhere (except metro area Lol) They are so relax and free to walk in this land, none of Australians gotta hurt them coz they respect every live!! I like Australia coz here […]