15th Stop: Há»™i An, Quang Nam province, South Central Vietnam

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Temperature – 21 degreesC Originally founded as a trading port in the 16th Century (with a history dating way back to 200BC), the city of Há»™i An is our next stop, around halfway down Vietnam. Home to approximately 120,000 inhabitants it is another recognized World Heritage Site, which is unfortunately inundated with…

Shangri la, Yunnan, China

Well… The thrid piece about Yunnan Province, I know it’s  too much on this province. but be patient and read it… you will understand how much I admire this province and why people  love this province so much. Shangri la: ideal home only found in heaven Shangri la locates at point which meet Yunnan, Sichuan and Tibet. At an average altitude of […]