Shangri la, Yunnan, China

Well… The thrid piece about Yunnan Province, I know it’s  too much on this province. but be patient and read it… you will understand how much I admire this province and why people  love this province so much. Shangri la: ideal home only found in heaven Shangri la locates at point which meet Yunnan, Sichuan and Tibet. At an average altitude of […]

10 top attractions in Cambodia

Anyone keen to go Cambodia? Cambodia is a Buddhist country with about 95% of Cambodian and the minority groups are Chinese, Vietnamese. Many attractions could be found in Cambodia, if you have no ideas, check it out!! ** 20/09/2013 Australian government issued a travel advisory on Cambodia concerning civil unrest/political protests.

Twelve Apostles, Princetown, Vic

The twelve Apostles are just awaiting guys on Great Ocean Road in Princetown, Victoria. They’re actually just eight remaining at the moment. They are definitely a gift from the God, actually they’re a collection of limestone stack off the shore of Port Campbell National Park by Great Ocean Rd. They were formed by the erosion […]