Freo, WA


Hey guys how’s life?
I’ve been so busy and no time to blog.
Anyway I’m gonna introduce Freo today coz I just been there haha…
It was a maritime day and everywhere was so crowded.

Fremantle is a really historical town, every building is like an art piece, with the port and beach there, it’s so relax to walk through the streets and have cup of cappuccino.

Lol freo market has many souvenirs to buy, or some handmade things, or yummy food. I’ve seen a koala and a python at the back of the market.

Cross couple of streets and walk to the quay, there’s the place where maritime day held. Custom to take a pic, ballon for kids, enjoy the model of warship… It was so much fun πŸ˜‰

Walk down to cliff street, there is a round house. It was so cool that u were locked ur hands and head and await to have death penalty… Can u imagine? Haha

There has few museums that I been there and I thought it was great πŸ˜‰

Hmm… I still had no luck to go prison
But anyway I thought I may go Freo again when I get time.

Well… I thought u may know more about Freo than me. Introduce me some nice place to visit or to eat…
I still haven’t tried the beer, fish n chips and donut which are highly recommended.


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